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    Hi CandieLand

    Firstly; thank you for the kind words about my writing. It is greatly appreciated.

    Secondly; thank you for taking part in the conversation.

    While I agree with your points completely on the points you raise; I just feel that these things seem to cloud the evaluation of Triple H as an in ring talent more than it does other game players (no pun intended) in the business' history.

    For example; I see the same people, in the comments sections of articles on this site, go on about how good it is to see Hogan back while taking every opportunity to bash Triple H. Hogan was as bad, if not worse, than Triple H when it came to that side of things. My overall point being that, when it comes to ability as a wrestler, we as a community don't seem to give Triple H a fair amount of credit because we let the other things cloud that; I'm all about fairness and balance as a person and do my best to see both sides of the coin. By writing this post I was just trying to say hate the man all you want (rightly) for the stunts he's pulled but don't let it colour those moments when he rose above his petty tendencies and gave us truly quality matches and great moments.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and engage with my blog; hope to see you taking part in future discussions.

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