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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Yeah I've been saying Punk should win the Rumble as champion and wrestle for the world title for a while now, but will it happen? Unfortunately...most likely not
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I agree with your picks, apart from the Rumble itself! After his Raw promo, I think Jericho has something else up his sleeve!

    Would love it to be Barrett but I'm still saying Orton for the Rumble!
  3. RomanFlare's Avatar
    1) Holy shit, only 4 announced matches. Wtf, WWE?

    2) I don't like Jericho winning it for the sheer fact that he doesn't need it. He can have a fantastic run in it, but I think--if the WWE wants him vs. Punk for the title--that they should have someone from Smackdown win it to set up the World Title Picture *cough*WADEBARRETT*cough*.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    hmm I feel Kane should talk..because he's very gud on mic...his going against Cena st away in his return is unexpected..n is gud...but, my only worry is...where can they take their rivalry from here??

    Will they make Cena look weak by losing to kane?? Will Kane don wanna see it..

    The best storyline would be..Kane coming destroying everyone..n in Royal Rumble he should win..n go against DB in Wrestlemania..that wud be gr8..because I seriously think..he should win a Royal Rumble Match...
  5. Pjsoul's Avatar
    I agree with you to a point. The fact he went after Cena was unexpected and I like this but also they wanted another heel and if he came after Henry he would have been an instant Face and would have been difficult to comprehend. I don't think that "monsters" should talk at all really and if they do they should keep it very minimal and not use words like "sucks". The use of language is key for a character like Kane as it conjurs images of the Old Testimant and the language should reflect that. Kane's impact, like the Undertaker's, came in the fact they were so big and intimidating they didn't have to say anything and they generally had the likes of Paul Bearer or Harvey Wippleman to do the talking for them, which made them all the more daunting. Kane's character is so obviously based on the likes of Michael Myers who didn't talk because they didn't have to.
    Having said that, Kane is actually quite good on the mic and should be allowed to talk but it should be of few words and he should not move around the ring so much, it makes him look more human which a "monster" like Kane should never look.

    Keep the blogs coming tho dude.
  6. RatedATB's Avatar
    Spot on blog bro, couldn't have said it better myself
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