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  1. Docdawolf's Avatar
    You know what here is the reason why The Rock deserves it is here in this promo

    Slick Ric Loses It - YouTube

    Here's your reason
  2. LincolnHawk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Slivon
    Mark my words Drew McIntyre Will win the Royal Rumble tonight.
    Would love that to be the case.
  3. miff666's Avatar
    Might only be 4 annouced matches but their will be a guarnted Divas match so we can all go for smokes and coffee
  4. Slivon's Avatar
    Mark my words Drew McIntyre Will win the Royal Rumble tonight.
  5. Anthonyj143's Avatar
    I can't believe they are not having any midcard Title matches. It really goes to show you that they either plan to have lots of twists and turns in the matches they have or they don't trust their IC Champ or US Champ to produce buys.
  6. TheAlphaMale's Avatar
    As long as Orton or Cena don't win the Rumble I'm aces. I do like your idea and fully agree regarding one Worlds Champion and secondly one brand. Good post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RomanFlare
    1) Holy shit, only 4 announced matches. Wtf, WWE?

    2) I don't like Jericho winning it for the sheer fact that he doesn't need it. He can have a fantastic run in it, but I think--if the WWE wants him vs. Punk for the title--that they should have someone from Smackdown win it to set up the World Title Picture *cough*WADEBARRETT*cough*.

    I don't know if you are new to wrestling, but there is usually only about 4 or less matchs at Royal Rumble. The royal Rumble is the centerpiece as it always is on this pay-per-view
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