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    Why is The Rock less deserving of a match at Wrestlemania, but The Undertaker isnt? The Rock has been on WWE TV and PPVs this year(WM to WM) than Undertaker. If you don't think Rocky should be there you surely must think Undertaker shouldnt too.
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    Gotta say terrible blog Vince is the one who made this all happen he agreed to the Rocks contract where hed only appear a certain amount of times. Why say that he doesnt deserve the spot that is absolute bs he is a smart guy & agreed to a good deal. Its so obvious that the Rock is far better than any talent on the roster now & they need him to get people to watch mania
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    The Rock is one of the Best to ever Be in a Wrestling Ring. him and Steve Austin are the only 2 that can really come back and make a Dream match like this happen. The Rating to last years Wrestlemania was awesome and this year will even be better. Rock and Cena was tearing it up last year befor mania. and they r going to start it again next monday! this is a dream match and a once in a life time match i have no problems with the rock being back and doing a match. i think its Great for the WWE its going people watching. Lets get Real would u rather see The Rock vs Cena or John Cena Vs The Miz?
  5. TNAorWWEorROH's Avatar
    Why doesn't The Rock deserve to be at Wrestlemania? The guy can outwrestle and outpromo anybody on the roster, the roster is weak it's not The Rocks fault that they need him to headline the show to sell tickets, It's the current roster the younger guys they all really suck
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    I keep seeing people mention that The Rock is only back to pick up a big pay check.
    Do you think he's getting paid for Wrestlemania anywhere near the amount of money he would be getting to do a massive blockbuster like Fast 5 or Journey 2?? Hell no.
    I mean he probably got paid more for his cameo in The Other Guys than what he would be getting for Wrestlemania.
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    As most of the time I'll play Devil's Advocate here...

    Consider this: Without this match with The Rock nobody in mainstream media would give a flying fig about WrestleMania. The man put in 7 straight years of his life to this business for the WWE; then took his career and fame that he built in the company to make a career beyond the company that helps feed the company from the outside? I think to not recognize him for what he is and what he has given and continues to give back to the company should absolutely be respected as much as the man who comes back for 2 months a year anymore to defend "The Streak" or HBK that's only a storyline prop any longer.
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