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  1. WWE: What Tag-team Division?

    I haven’t done a blog in a while, so I thought I’d write about an issue within WWE that’s been a concern of mine and many others for quite some time. Recently I’ve noticed a great deal of talk about WWE’s tag-team division – or lack thereof. I’ve seen several proposed ‘answers’ to the decline of the division as well as suggestions as to who on the current WWE roster could be paired ...
  2. How WWE Should Have Resurrected Kane

    We’ve seen it time and time again; WWE introduces big guys presented as ‘monsters’ but somewhere down the line they lose their credibility. The Big Show debuted in the WWF as a dominant Giant. He went on to win the WWF Championship before becoming this comic-value character who came to the ring as ‘Showkishi’, ‘The Big Showbowski’ or ‘The Showster’. The Great Khali debuted as one ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions

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