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    what they Should do is bring in Goldberg at the end to fuck over Ryback and make a good story out of that till Wrestlemania 29 when they would go at it one on one hair vs hair match LOL
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    Although, one thing no one is thinking of... The WWE still has several Brock Lesner appearances remaining. Because Lesner is a "Heyman" guy, Lesner interferes and helps Punk retain the title. This could set up a future Lesner v Ryback match where both guys can work stiff against each other. But, since Vince and HHH are huge Ryback backers, I think they still want to keep his undefeated streak going.
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    I'm predicting 2 title changes at HIAC (which is very far fetched for the WWE, but who knows? Maybe they "get" it now.)

    1. Big Show defeats Sheamus for the World Title. Sheamus brogue kicks Big Show, knocking him out. Dolph cashes in his MITB and becomes the new World Champion and Show has yet another title reign less than 1 minute.

    2. The WWE appears to want to keep the Ryback undefeated streak going. In a HIAC match, that essentially means he has to leave with the title. How else could he walk away with a W? My guess is that Heyman throws something like a lead pipe in the ring, Punk uses it, but some how Cena gets involved and Ryback wins the WWE Title.

    These 2 scenarios set up the following at Survivor Series:

    - In an attempt to continue to build Ryback as a major face in the company, they "feed" him the 2nd biggest heel in the company, Big Show. This leads to a Survivor Series match up with Team Ryback v Team Show. Why this for Big Show? Because Ziggler is a heel and the WWE does not want to put a heel v heel title match at a PPV. Big Show, fed up by the Smackdown disrespect of Booker T & Sheamus, takes himself to the RAW brand.

    - Punk and Cena finally have their rematch where Cena wins, but not for the title.

    - Sheamus challenges Ziggler for the World Title (which is likely the match that steals the show).

    This eventually sets up:

    - Ryback v The Rock for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble. Punk pissed that the Rock did nothing to get the title shot, interferes, costing The Rock the WWE Title, setting up The Rock v CM Punk at WM29.

    - If Taker can go at Mania, Ryback puts his winning streak and the WWE Title on the line vs. Taker's streak and WWE career.
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    First, despite what quite a few people on shows recently have said it's HIAC not HITC. At least their website keeps it straight, even if Vince Himself can't remember what the damn PPV is called.

    That being said, I don't think it'll happen. I have zero hopes that HIAC will end without some sort of swerve but ... entertaining as your idea is, I don't think that's the one they'll go with. I could certainly be wrong.

    TRO, you do bring up one valid point: if Punk didn't trust Ryback not to be a botch-fest he might reject the idea. This brings up the question of just how much input the wrestlers ... oops, sorry, "entertainers" ... have in what goes on in booking.
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    Wrestlemania can have these matches on the card:
    Rock vs Punk for Title. - Will happen at RR not WM
    Ryback vs Lesnar - Maybe, but doubt it.
    Heyman & Stephanie vs Vince & AJ (give us this instead of a stupid celebrity match) - Since Paul has some real life hate for Stephanie that's never gonna happen.
    Undertaker vs Cena in a mutual respect match. - Maybe, but not this coming WM
    HHH vs HBK - Will never happen since I can never see HBK wrestling again. One of the few wrestlers who I believe when he says he is retired.

    Not really sure why you say WWE booked them self into a mess. First off WWE was smart enough this time to include Ryback in a short backstage run in with Punk. Now keep that in your back pocket and use it if needed. When Cena was not healing fast enough WWE this time had a backup plan with the Ryback/Punk run in. I don't think they booked them self in a mess at all.

    I know that Ryback will not win HIAC and I'm not upset about that. But for once WWE is gonna put a fresh person in a big match. Most think he is not ready for a main event. But if he is never given one then how will WWE ever know? Punk must have trust in Ryback if Punk agreed to wrestle with him.
  6. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Well that is without a doubt a swerve blog allright- do I think it will happen- not in the slightest- but happy for HHH to go back to what he does best as a heel!

    Good read none the less!

    Im with DK Swagger time!
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    Sanford and Son. The mans name is Sanford and he's only got one son.
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