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terrible mess

  1. WWE SmackDown Recap and Review

    Video Recap of last week and AJ getting carried out on a strecher after her collision with Big Show air before the show starts.
    Lillian Garcia announces the arrival of Daniel Bryan and the boos immediately start flooding in. Daniel Bryan's heel turn has just been played out masterfully. When he enter the ring he does so looking REALLY pissed. Although sometimes D-Bry is a bit iffy on the ...

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  2. TNA iMPACT Recap & Review 19/01/12

    Starts off with a video package showing what happened last week between Hardy and Roode and the whole affair with the World heavyweight Championship match. This kind of pisses me off a little just because I can’t be bothered having to watch the screw finish again, but I guess it’s fine for people who missed last weeks title defense.
    Sorry About Your Dam luck. James Storm’s music hits and

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  3. WWE to TNA: Who could Benefit from Switching Sides

    Been reading blogs on this site for a while now so it's really about time I added to the array of opinions! (Be nice its my first blog ^^)

    Moving on, this blog is going to be a list of wrestlers I believe would benefit from moving from WWE to TNA or vice-versa. Would just like to say before we start that I'm aware that many of the switches I am stating are pretty much 99.99% never going ...

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