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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great read! a couple of random thoughts I would like to share. Storywise everything is building to something. I can see a tag match with roode n bully vs storm and jeff soon maybe a three way to determine the number one contender.

    The backstage segments I have no issue with other than I hate when they use the same ppl that cut promo`s earlier in the night.

    I hope they have some huge matches lined up for our friends in the UK impacts and against all odds. AGAO was one of my top 4 tna ppv`s last year and I am hoping it delivers again.

    Overall Impact has been much better the last few months I would give this weeks and overall C+ or B-
  2. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I think Matt Morgan has been in TNA too long. He had his chances at the TNA heavyweight title and has not had another shot in over a year so obviously he is not meant for it. A change in atmosphere and new opponents like Sheamus or even Wade Barrett can do him good. If Pope were to ever get back in WWE, I think he would be given a completely diferent character. RVD had his time there, and Vince never trusted him for shit when he was there. Alex Riley's "Varsity Villain" deal I'd say will succeed more in TNA. When he did that gig in WWE, he actually had a character and it was hated and it should have stayed that way. But then it was decided that he would just be a plain person. If he were allowed to do that "Varsity" gimmick in TNA, he should. If Evan Bourne were to go to TNA, his name would be changed to his given, Matt Sydal. All that guy had to do was not use drugs and he would not be in his predicament.
  3. bearkg88's Avatar your blog and here are my thoughts. I enjoyed reading it. I could see your points on each wrestler, here is my opinion though. Evan and A-Ry to TNA i could see and agree with. Pope and RVD to WWE I could see and agree with. The one I don't is Morgan. I just feel like if Morgan went to the WWE he would be a semi push, but then just drift. I think he is good where he is at, and has real potential. The person I think that could benefit from going from TNA to WWE would be Chris Sabin. I've always liked what he is able to do in the ring, and with the WWE not putting as much focus on bigger guys, i think Sabin could really shine in the E

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