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  1. bharath's Avatar
    Nice blog.

    What I agree with:
    1. That the faces lack the 'punch'
    2. That the product quality is bad, including pay-per-views
    3. That WWE has largely poorly structured storylines
    4. That they have messed up priorities in terms of handling talents
    5. That the PG era contributes to sub-standard products dished out week after week by WWE.
    6. Almost everything else in your blog. Almost.

    What I disagree with:
    That the talent pool has shrunk. How the talent is being handled may be the biggest beef all viewers have with the WWE (if they get this right, many other inter-linked issues fall in place automatically), but the talent available - unquestionably abundant. Harnessing talent is an art which the WWE used to get right about 50-50. Now that has gone down to getting it right only about 25% if the time.

    Nice blog once again, bro!
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i agree about the christian thing and the building up stars though sheamus is playing the face quite excellent now him vs d-bry are entertaining i do not like the big show as the unstoppable man either but i hope ric flair will come on tv in a speech for the HOF but remember wwf did mention the name wcw on tv but wwe never mentioned tna on tv so. i think it's a big difference wwe just doesn't care putting the best show together every single night they lost the spirit of competition sometimes they do have it but mostly they don't we need more talents like ziggler & ryder etc. to put on great matches i mean the low carders tyson kidd & michael mcgillicutty are in a great feud right now both very talented both not on the main shows i don't get it.

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