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  1. 5 Superstars WWE Shouldn't Of Let Go

    This is my third blog in 3 days and i was watching HHH v Shelton Benjamin on Youtube and it got me thinking just the amount of extrodinary talent the WWE has just let go! so the 5 i believe they should have kept are these guys!

    Shelton Benjamin-If he was given the right push he could have been a big star,he totally dominated the Intercontinental scene and proved he's worth in a number ...

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  2. 5 Great Future Wrestling Fueds!

    Hey guys I'm back again with my second blog! Here is my first blog in case you missed it.!

    Dolph Ziggler v CM Punk-Two of the very best entertainers in the WWE at this moment in time! Dolph makes a great heel and reminds me so much of Jericho/Triple H back in the old days.Both ...

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  3. The Ultimate Wrestlemania line up!

    Hello im new to the Ewrestling universe but have been a avid reader for some time! the blogs are really what keeps coming back read some excellent stuff from Knox,Austin 3:16,Bearkg88 and many more! anyways i decided to do a blog in what would be my ultimate Wrestlemania line up!! with both Superstars from the present and superstars from the past! so here we go without further a do!

    Match ...

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