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  1. #RR12 Missed Opportunities

    I felt the Royal Rumble was a show of missed opportunities. The matches were good, and some aspects were entertaining, but I found something missing. Perhaps, the best way to describe the issue is that the matches at the RR don't seem to have a huge impact (if any at all) on the over-arching backdrop of the WWE Universe. It did not prove momentous, epic, historic, which I believe should be the goal ...
  2. Wrestling the Water Cooler - Ep.1

    RAW 1/2/12:

    • Cena is going to wear less underwear.
      • Come again? This is how we open a new year, with one of the men signed for the biggest match ever (allegedly) talking about his underwear?
    • Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
      • Hard working guys working hard - and yet it feels like something is missing, doesn't it? Honestly, how interested are you in the current Heavyweight
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