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  1. Main Event Mafia vs Immortal

    So Crimson warned some select members of Immortal that "They" were coming for them now.

    Speculation grew that it would be the Main Event Mafia, and now with Scott Steiner's return in a suit, you have to assume it is the Main Event Mafia.

    Lets take a look at what type of feud were talking here between Main Event Mafia and Fortune, first by running down who ...
  2. Wrestlemania 27: Let it rain Black & Yellow

    So going off the way things are going right now.. here is some of the main things I would love to see happen at Wrestlemania.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match[/U]
    It doesn't matter who is in it... I know who I want to be my winner... Wade Barrett. Now obviously Nexus is going to come down during the match and we'll have a full out ladder match war between Nexus and ...
  3. Cena Vs Barrett: The Future

    So I was impressed with RAW last night and the Nexus looked good. I wouldn't shun them away quite yet if I were the WWE. Here's what I was thinking of last night...

    Alright so Cena Vs Barrett.. somehow they should let Barrett get the win, Cena is forced to join the group.

    Now let's get real, if that happened, would the fans accept it? Would Cena accept it?

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