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  1. Top 5 Wrestling Entrance Themes

    It seems wrestlers entrance theme’s nowadays don’t have the impact of 10-15 years ago, with so many of them now sounding like some indie band-esque bland, generic stuff. A good theme for me is one that strikes the crowd from the first second and lets them know instantly who the wrestlers. Of course other people tastes differ but here are for me the top 5 favourite entrance themes.
  2. Why CM Punk is more suitable as a face

    The somewhat eagerly anticipated return of CM Punk is almost near us and no doubt majority of WWE fans will be glad to see him back. Now granted unless something spontaneous occurred in the usual auto-pilot creative minds of WWE, he’ll return as a heel. No doubt Punk is a great heel, but his anti-hero face ...
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  3. Why Sheamus should lose the title now

    So in the recent Smackdown episode, Alberto Del Rio has won the no1 contenders fatal four way match to be up against Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. I have to say I was surprised he won the battle royal, with the apperant feud happening with Rey Mysterio, a one on one between them would've been the guess but it looks like ADR is still going to be after the title.

    On to

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  4. Why CM Punk turning heel isn't that big of a deal.

    So for weeks, the build up to 1000th Raw had been made into a momentous occasion. While it was fun seeing the old faces for a little reunion, something big needed to happen for the show itself to be memoriable and lead into a exciting angle to lay out through out the summer. With much speculation in what this big angle is going to happen, it was WWE champion CM Punk 'turning his back on the fans' ...

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  5. The Spotlight is on AJ

    Maybe because the last time a Diva was at the forefront of WWE was like a century ago, AJ's involvement in the WWE championship match is causing waves in the WWE universe. Ever since Big Show accidentally hit her and her return to save DB, her character development
    has been in full effect.

    Bryan was pushed to contend for the main belt and WWE have made AJ accompany him the whole
  6. Why Alberto Del Rio hasn't Worked

    Alberto Del Rio will get a title shot at MITB against Sheamus, so during his injury, the wrestler that was used to fill in his spot Dolph Ziggler, who was well received. WWE have clearly let us know they have no plans to drop Del Rio yet and considering there's a big chance he might be the champion soon, I think it's worth analysing him.

    I'll start by saying I think Alberto Del ...

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  7. Why I'm a CM Punk mark.

    CM Punk fan boy
    Of course with all the fame and success you and your fans have always wished for, CM Punks supposed devoted fans have turned on him because he has apparently sold out to the 'machine' and become a 'corporate sell out' or whatever the term is. His accusation are as follows: stale promos, isn't good as he used to be, ain't doing what he promised, would be better as a face etc... ...

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  8. Having a favorite wrestler...

    In life routing for one entity often personifies your direction of attitude and actions, whether it’s supporting your favourite football club or having a favourite boxer. Whenever your boxer fights or team plays you might order the PPV or actually go pay and watch the match. Having a favourite, adds to the love of the entertainment or sport you watch simply because you want to watch you’re favourite ...
  9. Top 5 Internationally Recognizable Superstars

    After watching a recent Vince McMahon interview, I realised how much he values WWE’s ability to export in to different countries. So I’ve decided to make a list of who I think are the most RECOGNIZABLE superstars internationally and who has helped WWE become a real global enterprise. I grew up in Bangladesh (WWE are huge there) so I have experienced WWE from a different point of view compares ...

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  10. The Internet is ruining WWE...

    I’m going to get straight to the point with this one, but in my opinion the internet and IWC has played a huge part in the demise of WWE and its popularity in recent times. This theory is one of the first reasons that come to mind when I try to compare ‘attitude era’ to the ‘PG era’. Internet was jus on the rise in the late 90’s and early 00’s and you would have had to be really rich ...
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