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  1. What TNA is doing right and what WWE is doing wrong.

    Simple. How they use the female talent.

    I say female talent because both company's have a lot of talent, but are using it in completely different ways.

    TNA exceeds on how brilliant they use the knockouts. They give them around 8-14 minutes every week on Impact, including promos, backstage segments and good long plus a VARIETY of matches. They combine beauty with talent, ...
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  2. TOP 10 Divas/Knockouts Entrances - w/ Videos

    Ok so I've seen a few entries on here about the top entrances of superstars but I feel as if the divas and knockouts should get some recognition!

    So let's get started! Top 10 of all time!

    10. Torrie Wilson

    Why? No matter what the music, Torrie had a sexy entrance and usually got a good pop from the crowd! ...
  3. One of the best diva matches ever.

    Night of Champions 2009: Michelle McCool (C) vs Melina WWE Womens Championship match

    Why was it such a good match?
    Personally I've always rated these ex-divas very highly. I think they carried the division pretty well after Trish and Lita left, they are both extremely athletic and have good charisma and mic skills. You can ...
  4. Possible Diva matches at Wrestlemania 28

    Hello, just a look at what could possibly be happening for the divas at Wrestlemania

    1) Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
    Of course, there has been lots of talks about this match. As of last friday on SmackDown it looks as if there is a chance that Natalya may be turning face again, so this could lead to a feud and match at Wrestlemania. However, this may not happen due to the fact that ...
  5. A look at the current Divas Division

    Okay, just gonna have a look at the WWE divas division and have a look as to where it's going (or not going)

    (in alphabetical order)

    AJ - I believe she needs a push. When I saw her on NXT, she delivered some very good matches but since becoming a diva she's really just been used to build up Beths/Natalya's status as the dominant divas. I'd like to see her with a new ...

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