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  1. WrestleMania Review and Ratings

    I don’t blog at all to be honest but seen as WrestleMania was last night and I stayed up till 4am to watch it (From the UK) I thought it would be a god opportunity to make my debut in the wrestling business (so to speak). I will give a brief rundown as to my views of each match and a rating out of 10.

    I thought long and hard about where to start with this blog and then it cam why not ...
  2. Future Champions 2012

    Another year is upon us and I was just looking at who carried the two big titles in the WWE this year from people to the Miz to the obvious John Cena. This year also saw the people get what they wanted as Daniel Bryan is the current World Heavyweight Champion but for how long remains to be seen. Hopefully, they will give him a lengthy run and show the title some prestige that it actually deserves. ...

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