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The Opportunist

The Ultimate Blog for wrestling and mixed martial arts fans. It is easy to read and promises to be interesting as well as enjoyable.

  1. ShowTime: The Next Main Eventers of The WWE

    Ladies and Gentleman its your UltimateOpportunist and it's ShowTime!

    First of, whatever i'm about to say is just my opinion, idea, or point of view. I do not want to offend anyones believes so if you comment please do keep that in mind.

    Alright, lately everyone has been on about the Royal Rumble and who will win it, or who they want to win it but that is just not my style. ...
  2. ShowTime: The 3 most impressive WWE superstars of 2011

    Welcome to ShowTime Ladies and Gentleman this is my first Blog, however do not confuse me with any other amateurs because i know what im talking about. ShowTime is just a new concept in which i will be getting my views accross (and to grab your attention of course :]) anyways let's get this show started!

    Alright first of i will be talking about 3 wrestlers in the order of how impressive ...

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