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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    So, if it wasn't "reported" that there was a rumor that we might have Punk vs Undertaker at
    WM, would have even considered it in this blog? Just wondering.

    And just so we know, Ryan Clark has now reported like 9 possible Undertaker opponents, and the possibility that he's not in the shape to wrestle. So he basically has all his bases covered so when they do give Taker a match, or not, he can come on here with his patented, "As I exclusively reported on this site...
  2. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Dude, your way outta your mind, if Brock returns then that is to fight SCSA or Taker one or two matches and thats it son! Otherwise great blog and keep em coming!
  3. Darctic's Avatar
    Brock left last time because among other things couldn't deal with the hectic travel schedule. He's commented on this numerous times. Even in his book. Don't expect anything close to a full return.
  4. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    New undisputed champion who does no live shows and raw every other week? highly doubtful. one thing i would say, is although i think your wrong, i do think he will be back at some point
  5. JPVictory's Avatar
    Once his contract is up with UFC, A comeback with Paul Heyman would be great but Brock heart gotta be in it....I could see a one or 2 yr run in his future.
  6. Slang Man's Avatar
    You must be one wack guy to think of all of this,what you just written seems so wack yo it might just be true lol.Great blog man!
  7. wphill's Avatar
    First let me say I enjoyed the blog, there are lots of theories about who could be the returning superstar and I enjoy reading them.

    However, the part where you say that Lesnar knew he couldn't win his fight with Overeem? Are you serious bro?
    I'm sorry but there is no way that Brock Lesnar, a respected former UFC Heavyweight Champion would step into the octagon not believing in himself, not believing that he could win.
    Lesnar is not the kind of man who would step into the octagon for a pay day, he went into that fight last night with the vision of winning and getting one more shot for the title and that is why 1/2/12 is not Brock Lesnar... but it would be awesome!!!
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