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  1. A genuine curiousity

    At Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan was competing for the WHC title and the very next day on Raw, he became the #1 contender for WWE title. Which of these do you think is WWE Creative's motive behind it ?
    1. Bryan is so over with the croed now that they want to put the title on him, but making him win it off Sheamus would make whole point of Sheamus winning it meaningless.
    2. Bryan is a heel ...
  2. One solution to three problems

    What's up folks? Taneel here. I came up with an idea that WWE could use to solve three problems at once. First, let me tell those three problems.
    1. World Heavyweight title losing prestige - Seriously, opening match in consecutive PPVs?
    2. Lack of decent matches and feuds - Should I even explain?
    3. Ziggler being underutilized - Why isn't he already one of the top guys ?

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