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  1. Night Of Champions Review, and where to go from here

    Hi fellow EWN'ers, what's up? Enjoyed NOC? I guess you did because that was one hell of a show. I wonder why it's considered a B-class PPV, the idea of all championships being defended sounds fantastic, and this year's event lived up to (well, exceeded, for that matter) my expectations. This is how I felt about the matches, and what I think should happen going forward from here:

    Pre-show ...
  2. Analyzing the chances of each participants in MITB ladder matches

    What's up folks? With MITB approaching, Taneel here is going to look at each participants in the ladder match and analyze their chances of winning the briefcase.
    First, let's start with the Red Briefcase match:
    1. John Cena : This is Cena's first MITB ladder match. If you've read the article on about Cena's firsts, you must feel it means something, John Cena is the most likely ...
  3. Looking forward to the second half of 2012 in WWE: things to expect & answers to seek

    Hello everyone, hope you're all well. My previous blog was about looking back at the first half of 2012 in WWE, and while I'm disappointed that there weren't much comments, I still decided to go with this follow up blog because I've put some thoughts into it and I don't want it to waste. So, here is my list:

    1. 1000th Raw: Expect 1000th Raw to be awesome. There have been rumours of Undertaker ...
  4. Looking back at the first half of 2012 in WWE

    What's up everyone? I'm Taneel, not a quite regular blogger, but i put it down once in a while, and today it's about evaluating some good and bad things happened in first half of 2012 in WWE. Not going to separately point out good and bad, but just mixing them up.

    1. PPV quality: Wrestlemania didn't live upto the expectation. I wondered if that was what the biggest event of the year would ...
  5. My Over the Limit Predictions

    Hey folks, Taneel here about what should happen and what will likely happen at Over the Limit PPV this Sunday. Leave your comments.

    1. Ryder vs. Kane: This match should have happened at Wrestlemania, it would have made sense then. Instead, they gave Kane vs Orton at Mania which made no sense and this match now makes no sense.
    What will happen likely - Kane dominates and wins a quick ...
  6. A genuine curiousity

    At Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan was competing for the WHC title and the very next day on Raw, he became the #1 contender for WWE title. Which of these do you think is WWE Creative's motive behind it ?
    1. Bryan is so over with the croed now that they want to put the title on him, but making him win it off Sheamus would make whole point of Sheamus winning it meaningless.
    2. Bryan is a heel ...
  7. One solution to three problems

    What's up folks? Taneel here. I came up with an idea that WWE could use to solve three problems at once. First, let me tell those three problems.
    1. World Heavyweight title losing prestige - Seriously, opening match in consecutive PPVs?
    2. Lack of decent matches and feuds - Should I even explain?
    3. Ziggler being underutilized - Why isn't he already one of the top guys ?

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