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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Kane cannot be called as a this juncture of his career...ppl are cheering him in what ever he's doing...they chered for him against Cena/RKO (lesser than Cena though)/DB/CMP(even against CMP he got few cheers)...

    Kane is a person who is respected by all WWE E should drop heel angle with him..n make him tweener...

    Same the case with DB, ppl are cheering him except against CMP or Kane...DB would make a better anti-hero...make him tweener....(with a bit more heelish outlook)

    U missed Dolph in heels list....n also Jericho....Bigshow is not a top heel....
  2. justinc's Avatar
    Sorry, Big Show is not a top heel.
  3. dashkatae's Avatar
    I thought Jericho was one of the top heels?
  4. JustCloseYourEyes's Avatar
    How could you forget about the #HEEL Dolph Ziggler?!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I like the List. I would have to disagree with Kane though. I watched Raw and when he came down in that match between Punk and Bryan, and beat DB down, the crowd went nuts. Plus, I feel Bryan's losing steam, and very quickly.

    I guess instead of Kane, I would put Miz in there. Even though he seems like he's stuck in quick sand, he's still very hated. Kane is more of a tweener. No Friends, All Enemies type. Not looking for cheers or boos. Just go out and destroy...the way he should be.

    Good Blog
  6. Taneel's Avatar
    We have seen face vs face matches occasionally. Hell, we got two of them at Wrestlemania this year. I don't remember a heel vs heel 1-on-1 match. If you can't have even a match without a face, you can't say that heels are more important than faces.
  7. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    it's quite an ok thread and welcome the heels do make the feud without heels you wouldn't have a feud and the face couldn't do anything either they need each other to feed off off else you will get sick of faces for example the cena syndrome we got sick of him because not one heel we liked quite a bit could beat him and sometimes it was 2 men beating on him but yet cena prevailed it needs to at least look legit. for a heel to win cleanly or cheating
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