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  1. Faces vs. Heels: Who dominates overall?

    Hello, I'm TeamDrama here with my third post. This post here is referenced to the fact that Faces and Heels are competitors within a competitive company. So, without further or due.

    Top Heels:
    Big Show
    Daniel Bryan
    Cody Rhodes
    Del Rio?

    These guys are considered to be the WWE's most talked about Heels. They have the mic skills, with the possible ...
  2. Rock Returns!.....In 2013?

    This is my second post here on the website. We all received news that The Great One MIGHT be returning in 2013. Just to clear up, I'm here to bash the Rock by all means. I am thankful for his past run with the company. Was it what I wanted? No, it served its purpose. I don't see Rock absent until 2013 but if he is then that means the door is open wider for the likes of Punk, Cody, Sheamus, Del Rio, ...
  3. Future Main Eventers

    Hello, this is my first post. First of many for sure. This is going to be about who "I" think is going to be the future Main eventers I the WWE. Some them are Main Eventers already but just borderline. So, Without further or due.

    Wade Barret:
    I know he's out from injury but before he left, he was in a heated fued with Orton. A very dissappointing fued IMO but, nevertheless, ...

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