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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I feel like I'm gonna be on my own here, but as much as I enjoyed MitB at WrestleMania (loved Shelton's input - better Swanton than Jeff Hardy lol) I quite like the PPVs it's had already. It's a damn sight better than having a Hell in a Cell PPV (that is one match that is much better as a surprise, see: this year's WrestleMania), and it seems to have become one of those PPVs where you know a change is coming. I do fear that it'll become stale though.
  2. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I want MitB at Mania but not this Mania. If they actually do this triple threat tag match and Long vs Lauranitis it would be good. But I'd like them to scrap the ppv MitB and act like its just not gonna happen again then we get it at next years Mania
  3. Mooresy29's Avatar
    Good read, an from a girl too which is strange! But you seem to know your stuff and seem passionate about what your saying so well done, I think they should have it at Wrestlemania, as someone pointed out it was scheduled but due to Wade Barrett going down with an injury it was scrapped, I hate the whole two MITB winners concept,it was far better in the old days when it was 3 guys from Raw and 3 from Smackdown, it just feels like WWE are cashing in (no pun intended) on yet another gimmick concept and making it a PPV, it would not in the least surprise me if they decided to do a PPV called 'Steel Cage' FFS. I think a way too get round this would be to have maybe a six man ladder match for the IC or US belts, at least that way a lot of talent who arent getting a spot at WM would have a chance but it's highly unlikely that will happen, anyways good blog keep em coming!
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I seem to remember the days when the midcard titles actually meant something. Weren't just looking forward to the main event, but the whole ppv. You would want to hear what Hardyz, Dudleyz, Too Cool, Hardyz, APA, Outlaws, and so on had to say. You wanted to hear what guys like Jericho, Benoit, Christian, RVD, and so on had to say about the IC title. When you wanted to see divas like Molly Holly, Jazz, Victoria, Trish, Lita, Chyna, Ivory and so on battle for that prize. Where they actually talked about why the prize they were battling for was important. They not only showed in their promos, but in the ring as well with Ladder matches, steel cage matches, and so on.
  5. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    I agree with RockerDropper, MITB should only be at mania, its a shame that they have dropped it I'm dissapointed, it would have given some of the midcarders a chance to shine on the grandest stage, there are a lot of talent that don't have a match yet so I'll be interested to see what happens with them, i still can't wait for wrestlemania though! I enjoyed this blog well done!
  6. RockerDropper's Avatar
    I think MITB as it's own PPV is a bad idea due to there being 2 MITB matches, it kinda takes away the important Wrestlemania feel of it. They should definitely make it a WM tradition. Although for this year's WM, I'm sure they held out because they already have three big main events with a very great the MITB match for WM in NY/NJ next year The streak will be retired in a year or two so they'll have to bring it back.
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    Im not sure if you read the reports on ewn or not, but there was an article stating mitb was originally slated to happen at wm with barrett pegged to win, but since he is injured they scrapped it. I am not going to bash you in this blog, as I can understand the want to have ur bf be as enthusiatic about the whole wm card as you are. To me though, I think on a bigger picture type deal having mitb scrapped and being its own ppv is an excellent idea. Ill explain later though in a blog im writing, so keep an eye out. Anyways, decent blog, and I definitely get your point.

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