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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    True, the internet does really ruin peoples perspective about wrestling and the element of surprise. The fact they give spoilers or angle insights really does ruin everything. I try and avoid spoilers if i can. To be honest, the state of the wwe would not be as bad if the internet did spoil everything. Nothing negative to really say about it.
  2. AreYaSerious's Avatar
    Great Blog bro, not going to bash a thing. You spoke the truth.
  3. Cynicism's Avatar
    I'm probably an i-Fan but I prefer wrestlers that can tell a story over those who hit good spots. I want the whole package, mic and ring storytelling...... like Christian, Jericho, HBK and the much improved CM Punk. As much as Wrestling Matters (TNA said it, never showed it) if they're going to be given mic's and TV time they need to be able to entertain too.

    Other than that I fit every other iFan thing on your list
  4. Taneel's Avatar
    I am a fan, but i read SD spoilers.
  5. Kaisered's Avatar
    Good one I think maybe next time I will talk only about the "smarks"

    Thanks for the comments
  6. Zekic's Avatar
    I am pretty much i fan,tough i read all news but spoilers,i cant watch Even the same night it happens so till i watch it i dont go into EWN/Face book
  7. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Good blog mate. I myself hate the spoilers, and don't read them, but I do like giving predictions on where storylines and fueds are gonna go.
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