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    We will see if that match makes it to the top 5, but yeah this match is so overshadowed. The tag team match may stole the show but this match is a whole lot better than the main event we saw in that wrestlemania.
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    No surprise certainly should be on evry list when talking triple threats. It is overshadowed by the other triple threat match that night involving 3 tag teams including Dudleyz, Hardyz, and E+C. WM20 triple threat should be on here as well.
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    Thanks that you like the blog and good that you noticed this. If I only ranked the match without any of the 4 other things I wanted to include, all the matches would be a 4 star or more. But when I include build up, the winner, aftermath and big moment you need to rank the match with all these things. And that's why number #5 got a 3,5 star. The match itself only got a 3 star but with the big moment and the winner of the match being a 4 star it got a 3,5 star out of 5. Number #4 pick got a 4 star on the in ring match but only a 3 for the build up. With this plus the three other things it got a rank with everything it had a 4 star. And don't get me wrong. There is 55 triple threat matches that was contested on a PPV in WWE. Only 5 or 6 matches out of these 55 is a 4 star or more if you rank the in ring match. I think this answered your question or made it a little bit clear. I hope I didn't mess your mind now
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    Don't take this the wrong way, but I noticed that you gave a 3.5 to your #5 pick and now a 4 to your #4 pick. Wouldn't you imagine that the top 5 triple threat matches ever should be all rated as a 5? Or at least 4.5 or higher? Just a thought. Nice blog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by walldo 3:16
    Mania with benoit hhh hbk anuff said
    Agree 100% - Wrestlemania XX wins hands down.
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    Mania with benoit hhh hbk anuff said
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    I have to disagree with your AJ Lee comment although sometimes i believe wwe could have gone a different way with the gm story line.
    With regards to the wwe product, the main problem is this PG rating especially when you consider that it restricts C M Punk form really delivering more top promos. On the other you have John Cena Hard working but i hate to see him, he now needs a big character change and he should of turned heel instead of punk. Cena as a heel and punk still a baby face the promos would have sold every pay per view
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