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  1. Top 5 best Triple Threat matches Nr 4

    Hello wrestling fans

    I wrote about number 5 on my top 5 triple threat matches. I expected a couple of comments about it but maybe it wasn’t what you guys thought it would be. I wanted to do something different from other tops and my own ones by going more into the matches. On my 3 other topics about a top 5 thing I ranked them from 5 to 1 and wrote a little bit of the build up to the ...
  2. Top 5 Triple Threat matches on a PPV in WWE

    One on One match has produced so many classics in WWE. From Hogan vs. Andre to Rock vs. Austin all the way to Cena vs. CM Punk. With a stipulation added to the One on One match like a No Disqualification or a Steel Cage you can make the match more interesting. But how can you push that interesting match to another level? By introducing another wrestler to the match. This match is called, a Triple ...
  3. Wrestling Today: Fans, Attitude Era, WWE, and TNA

    Hello my skeptical wrestling fans.

    I have always said that sorry for my English language but blame the awful teachers here in Sweden.
    Well this time I am going to give my opinion about a few topics that bugs me in a different way, either bad or good it doesn’t matter. I still feel that I should write this so I can get it out.

    Wrestling fans

    I have been ...

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  4. WWE '13: Which Wrestlers to Include

    Hi boys and girls and welcome to part 2 of WWE 13: Which wrestler? I am going to finish the work I did in my latest blog entry and this time I am going to include those wrestlers I think have a good chance to be in the game, more likely than some of the other guys that I include in part 1. Here are my choices:

    1. Goldust. Hade some decent feuds in the mid card division.

    Updated 08-15-2012 at 10:21 PM by Frank

  5. Attitude Era: Break It Down

    Hello my fellow wrestling fans. I am going to blog about matches from Attitude Era that some of us maybe forgot and made an impact to the WWF storylines. I am only going to include matches that were on RAW IS WAR because in 3 weeks we are going to see the 1000th episode of Raw.
    So I have made this clear now. If my spelling is bad then blame the 5 english teachers i have had in my life.
  6. Top 5 I Quit matches

    Top 5 I Quit matches
    We have extreme rules, last man standing and we have the I Quit match. No match is more brutal imo than the I quit match. To win an I quit match you need to make your opponent say the words I quit.

    This time I’m going to rate the top 5 I quit matches in the wrestling history. This is my opinion about the matches so take your time and share your own opinion ...
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  7. Top 5 Ironman matches

    When you watch a wrestling match you look at the technical talent inside the ring. A standard match often takes up to 20 min, but sometimes it can go for an hour.

    This time I’m going to rank the top 5 ironman matches. An iron man match is a 30 or 60 min wrestling match with the standard rules for a match. The wrestler who has the most decisions at the end of the match is then the winner. ...
  8. Top 3 , 10 man tag team matches.

    My first official blog here, very unusual blog. We always like tag team matches and i think everybodys favorite feud was dudleys vs hardys vs E-C. Those matches were awesome and the team were paired up with 2 guys.

    But what im going to rank is 10 man tag team matches. These matches are very hard to rank because often you have a couple of guys teaming up with no stoyrline involved. I ...

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