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New Faction

Hello. This is my first time so bare with me. I have always enjoyed factions (4 Horsemen, NWO, MEM, The Embassy, etc.) so I have an of idea for TNA. Aces and Eights has been a solid storyline so far. The internet is talking and making predictions, which is always a good sign of an idea having relevancy. This storyline is just getting started (the Devon curve ball). Here is my idea.

The Forgotten:
Gunner, Kid Kash, Crimson and Chris Sabin. A heel faction started by Gunner and Kash, as they continue to not get picked for Tag Title shots. After they start taking out Tag Teams outside the ring, they force Hulk's hand for a TTC shot. Later they realize that they are not the only ones who have been forgotten. They bring out Crimson on OFN for the TV title, starting a feud (Samoa Joe, Magnus and Crimson. I see Joe losing to Magnus eventually, then Joe recapturing with Crimson coming close). A month before Dest. X, a returning Chris Sabin comes back for the XDC. Once RVD vacates the XDC for a WHC shot at Dest. X, Chris Sabin enters the contest. Entering as a face, he turns heel during the match, becomes the new XDC and announces his alliance with The Forgotten. Crimson will capture the TV Title at Slammiversary, but their reign will end at BFG:

What do you think?

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