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  1. What If: Wade Barrett

    Hey guys! Here's the 2nd blog to the series "What If." Today I'll be doing the blog with The Great One, glad to have him on here. We're going to be talking about Wade Barrett today and just giving a lot of thought on what would've happen if Barrett won the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. Let's get started!


    Orton, Barrett, & Cena

    Angle: ...
  2. What If: Cenation

    Hey guys, StratZ- here, I've posted a few blogs before, but I want to start getting more into it, so I'm gonna start a series called the "What If"

    For debut series, I'm going to be focusing on John Cena. What if he wasn't in WWE? What if he was in TNA?

    I believe that Cena is a HUGE part of the WWE. From the attitude era-pg era.

    Currency: ...
  3. WWE NXT: Past, Present, and Future

    Hey guys, StratZ- here again for another EWN blog. Today I'll be talking about NXT. Nobody really cares about NXT, but I kinda do. So hope you guys like the blog.

    NXT in the Past

    The main purpose of NXT was to bring FCW superstars onto the WWE brand to see if they could handle the pressure of being a true WWE Superstar. Of course they have enough talent or they wouldn't have ...

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  4. Cena's Promo vs Rock's Promo

    Hey guys, StratZ- here for my 2nd EWN blog. Before i get started, I really hope Knox is out there reading this. I'm a big fan of your blogging and would like to know your feedback on this!

    Before i get into this topic, Gah that episode went way past its due time. Went over 15 minutes. I'm fine with it going over for like 5 minutes, but it just bugged me that it went over that long.
  5. The Rock: Overrated

    Hey guys, I'm StratZ- 1st time blogging here on EWN. For my 1st blog, I'm gonna do it over The Rock being overrated. These are my opinions, but wouldn't be surprised if people began to start bashing :/

    The Rock Returning to the WWE

    Everyone was hyped for The Rock to come back to the WWE! Everyone was ready for him to start wrestling again and perform for the ...

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