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  1. davieboy_88's Avatar
    Awww i see haha
  2. The1j@yYoung's Avatar
    I know but Zigler called him Daniel Bryanson in an episode of Z True Long Island Story and I've been refering to him as Bryanson ever since...just keeping the ROH spirit alive with Danielson
  3. davieboy_88's Avatar
    His name in WWE is just Daniel Bryan, not "Bryanson."
  4. lewism173's Avatar
    I don't know about back then but alot of people now of day's here in scotland say wrestling gay and fake I of course argue for the sport I love I know about 4 other people who like it, quite sad really
  5. IrishWrestleFan's Avatar
    great blog dude, WWE and TNA come to northern Ireland (were i live) 6 or 7 times a year between them, u should come over here watch them if you cnt get the oppertunity to see them there, i travel to glasgow 7 or 8 times a year to watch celtic matches and it doesnt cost too much and you can get hotels for cheap, just a thought for ye
  6. Evan McFarlane's Avatar
    Hi mate, I'm from Greenock about 20 miles from Glasgow. I'm in the exact same predicament as you, not being able to see the WWE Live too often. I get tickets for every WWE Show and after my experience at the TNA Show this year I was extremely excited to go again in 2012, Of course they decided to be utter idiots and decide not to come, I was gutted. But i go to almost every Indie show, Company's like PBW, ICW & BCW are all ones that I follow and attend most shows, It isn't easy being a wrestling fan in Scotland, at least we have a somewhat strong Indie Scene though.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud First Blog!!

    one of my arguments is well when you look at it, it's a soap opera for guys.
    +1 Even i tell my mom n sis many times..jus like u watch those soaps I watch wrestling...Indian soaps r by far the worst ones i guess..:d

    Nice blog. I'm glad to see you still follow wrestling despite it's lack of presence in your hometown - I know that feeling all too well!
    Even i can feel the least u have some wrestling happening in ur country, but in my country we have absolutely ZERO pro-wrestling...I'm hoping for that JJ's Indian program on Colours give pro-wrestling fans like me..some hope...
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