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  1. Cobra Commander's Avatar
    Everyone has forgot about one man who has benefited from this more then he has lost and that is Bully Ray. He was the only one not shown fighting during the big fight scene at the end of impact. Yes he came out at the end with his chain but they all left when he did. Sound familiar? *James Storm set up*

    I think it could be Bull Ray and right now no one seems to be expecting it which will make it all the sweeter if it is really him.
  2. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    I say Bear , cuz his number one pick is a great pick..and because he's a boss
  3. Speezy88's Avatar
    I believe that the real head man behind Aces & 8’s is going to be Jeff Jarrett because of exactly what you said earlier about the whole “I’m here to take back what’s rightfully mine” logic. My other hopes for this group, is that Luke Gallows is the heavy muscled leader of the attack on TV, Chris Masters brings his American Adonis character from Ring-Ka-King to TNA in this group, Wes Brisco is a part of Aces & 8’s, and that Joey Ryan somehow gets into TNA by way of Aces & 8’s. In fact imagine this:

    Aces and 8’s have a power struggle with Hogan/Sting/Dixie like Main Event Mafia v TNA Originals/Young Talent aka The Front Line went.
    They win, bring Jeff Jarrett into power, Jeff brings in Joey Ryan, and all of a sudden the guys who were a part of Aces & 8’s dominate TNA and capture all the gold and let Joey Ryan take the X-Division title just for the heck of it.
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    What about Wes Briscoe and Chris Masters?
  5. Delirious's Avatar
    Oh, man.. if it ends up being Sting, that would be absolutely epic! But knowing TNA, it'll probably be Jeff Jarrett. I hope Joey Ryan isn't involved in Aces and Eights. It would make sense IF they weren't having him show up every four weeks and mess with the Gut Check segment. TNA needs to bring him in that route, they shouldn't do both.

    But yeah, good stuff, man. I enjoyed the read.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    If it's Jarrett, that would be a deflation for me....but not as much as if it were Hogan or Bischoff. I don't like Roode either. I would like some sort of major league shock factor out of this. James Storm, or someone who's really over and would make an epic heel turn. So think Storm, Hardy, or who I'm really seriously hoping for....STING.

    It would be a heel turn for the ages. It may even be bigger than Hogan's back in 96. Well, not quite...but close.
  7. The_Socal_Guy's Avatar
    It's Hogan's daughter. Think about how much of a shock it would be lol. But I think your right about it being Jarrett, makes sense in the long run. I do agree in hopes IT'S NOT ERIC!
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