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  1. Thoughts On The Location For WrestleMania 29

    What's up viewers, fellow bloggers, and wrestling fans?
    I just found out the location for next years Wrestlemania. It's going to take place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. At first I was somewhat ok with this until, (sighs), until I saw the logo.
    It's not that I think that the venue is a bad place to host Sports Entertainment's version of the Super Bowl, I think ...
  2. T-Hughes35's Updated Wrestlemania XXVIII Ideal Match Card

    Greetings all wrestling fans. I'm back, and this time, I've come up with a new draft on a legitimate outline of what I believe should happen on April 1, 2012 at SunLife Stadium in Miami, Florida. Here we go:

    Ringside Commentators:
    Team A: Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Josh Matthews
    Team B: Michael Cole, Booker T, and Scott Stanford

    Ring ...
  3. WWE Presents: Elimination Chamber 2012 Ideal Match Card

    Greetings Guys,

    Sunday Night's Royal Rumble was a great show, and it was a great way to kick off "The Road To Wrestlemania XXVIII."

    While we are on the road to South Beach, we still have a PPV in between, Elimination Chamber. How is WWE going to book this Pay-Per-View? This is how I would do it.

    Ringside Commentators:
    Michael ...
  4. The Top 10 Greatest Shoot Promos In Wrestling History

    Greetings community,

    There has been something on my mind as of late that I feel I need to discuss.

    I was watching some old promos the other day on YouTube, and it got me thinking, what are the 10 Best Shoot Promos in Wrestling History? I came up with my personal favorites, and here they are:

    But before you ask, no. Stone Cold Steve Austin ...
  5. TNA Presents: Lockdown 2012 Predictions and How I'd Book It

    Greetings community,
    I'd normally post an article like this under the forums section, but for some reason my iPAD isn't working right so I'm going to make this a blog.*

    Every year, TNA Wrestling hosts (in my opinion) one of the Top 10 Biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year. It is TNA's equivalent of WWE's Survivor Series, and it's name, is Lockdown.*
    This ...
  6. If I Were To Run TNA Wrestling

    Greetings EWrestlingNews Community,
    I've been thinking a lot about TNA Wrestling lately. Especially with the current state of how bad WWE's booking has been. Now granted, TNA isn't making the best booking decisions either, but I got to thinking; if Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling wanted a legitimate chance to compete with World Wrestling Entertainment on a weekly basis, I believe that this ...
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