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    Quote Originally Posted by captainmoonlight
    that tiny tempah song is horrific
    It's not horrific, it's the story that the song is telling. Which is why that was an ideal choice for a Wrestlemania song.
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    I apologize folks. It was in here but now it's gone.
    My pick for wrestler of the year is none other than:
    CM Punk

    Honorable Mention:
    Robert Roode
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    how come Ryder is the rising star of the year when Del Rio won Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank and two WWE titles???
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    that tiny tempah song is horrific
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    Um, Wrestler of the Year is?????
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    I hate zack when hes smiling,but when that guy is serious he pretty believable champion
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    Did I miss your wrestler of the year or did you forget it? Lol
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