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  1. JHF's Avatar
    I would LOVE for WrestleMania to be in Philly. Apparently MetLife Stadium is too far away for me to go next year, so being in Philly would be GREAT!
  2. Mooresy29's Avatar
    I liked it too, except get rid of Hunico and Alex Riley from MITB and stick R-Truth and The Miz in there, don't think they'll feud right through to Wrestlemania without it becoming stale, and we've already seen the match on Raw, and I would get rid of Paul Bearer and have Kane as the heel and Henry as the face, book Kane as the unstoppable monster who's destroyed everyone and Henry is the only one who can stop him etc etc. Everything else is spot on and I definitely think it has a realistic chance of happening.
  3. mhshow21's Avatar
    I think your Card is good. Only thing i see differnt is. I think it will be Ryder vs Kane. (Ryder with the win). Taker vs HHH has to be a hardcore match and it has to end by pin. lets just face it if the Streak ends it has to end by Pin! the dead man aint never been down for the count for 3 seconds at mania! They wont do a Tag match b.c they probley couldnt tell you who the champs are atm! you forgot Big show and O'Neal. and Rey will probley be back in time for Mania i see him getting into the EC after Khaili gets hurt. so i see him being in the Mania Card some how. maybe MITB over Broudus Clay. But great Card tho! Im really feeling it i must say! keep up the Good Work!
  4. toobeastly33's Avatar
    I like it. really no complaints. I think it would be cool to see a Hell in the Cell with taker and HHH, but last man standing makes sense and is more feasible for the two. lol love the scott stanford. Great blog man!!!!
  5. TaylorWestfall's Avatar
    the wwe barely trust their divas to wrestle in a normal ring, never mind a chamber. seems like, by watching recently, that Gabriel is heading for an IC title shot which doesn't bother me at all. He does well for the WWE. He trends worldwide constantly every friday night on twitter and was even the #1 trend one week. he's not too bad in the ring either. + i could really see Beth Pheonix against Trish Stratus at mania this year. Also what's with Booker being dropped from the commentary team? poor guy
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    While i realize this is your opinion of how the card would look, I don't see a lot of the matches happening. The EC match with the diva's, I doubt the E would do something like that, (it would be entertaining though), as well as Rhodes v Riley, as like n2winlisa said, Riley isn't even at the point to challenge for IC title. I know there was rumblings of Zeke and Ryan getting pushes again, and while they might become a tag team, I don't see them challenging Epico and Primo.
  7. n2winlisa's Avatar
    Alex Riley is no mid-carder, is he Low-tier guy along with Ted Dibiase and most of the former Next stars
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