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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I can't really argue with the awards. I was surprised that AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels Last Man Standing didn't make the top matches list. I really wasn't a fan of either Brock Lesnar matches. But that's just me. I never thought much of him, even 10 years ago.

    Other than that, love the list. Great job.
  2. alcrissam's Avatar
    Fair, I enjoyed reading most of the picks. But I thought the top 12 matches were a little wwe-heavy. But it's fine, most of the matches were good (I absolutely hate the triple h vs Brock lesnar match, it's the only main event where my brother walked out of the room and said "tell me who won, I can't watch anymore")

    tna put on some great matches, but most of them were on impact so I get what you're doing by putting ppv matches. Nothin wrong with the list though, it's just personal preference
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Awesome stuff. I personally would like to see Miz coming in the top three or four and replicate last year's performance, except actually make it to the final four. Get this face push going for him by having him eliminated in heart-breaking fashion near the end. Have the fans cheer him big time.

    Awesome blog. But, just to nit pick a little, Jerry Lawler had a heart attack, he won't be in the match.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Seems as if you just threw in a bunch of guys besides the ones you are talking about at the bottom. You start the match off with two babyfaces? 1 of whom who is a jobber?

    Like the Goldberg idea, but I don't believe it will happen. How would you book Goldberg? Would you have Goldberg destroy Ryback with a spear? How would these men get eliminated? I'd prefer to see Shield come out and ruin it so neither will have to get dominated by the other. Memorable moment in their face off. Shield eliminates Ryback. They all turn around for some spears and jack hammers. Fans going nuts as Goldberg tosses them after the ring. Talking trash, but someone who cares who throws him over the top. Heel most likely.....Del Rio or Antonio Cesaro would be a good pick.

    I'd probably start out the Rumble match with Kane and Daniel Bryan post losing the tag titles either at the previous ppv, Rumble, or on Raw weeks before. Get guys out there to start out the match who fans actually get off their seats for. Hardly a reaction last week for Ryder.

    Tag teams don't go in the match as an entry. At least, I've never in my life seen that. I've seen basically all the Rumbles besides 2012 and 2010. I own the rest on DVD. Can see Shield coming out though as one entry,but not Primo and Epico.
  5. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    Easily one of the best blogs i have read. Started off good. Had me think you may be just a huge Cena Fan.. But get storyline thinking with building two separate storylines in one.. Congrats sir.
  6. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Why would you bash another blog about TLC and put this blog up. Foley vs Punk could work great at a PPV vs Raw. Punk vs Kane vs Bryan makes no sense. If WWE is building up the tag division then why would they have the tag champs in a triple threat match. I would rather see Kane and Bryan defend the belts vs a triple threat match that you know Punk will win so he can go on to face Rock.
  7. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    I think Ziggler vs Cena is a definite possibility, but Punk vs Kane and Bryan is definitely a stretch, I think I would have Punk vs Cena, have one of them face Rocky at the Rumble
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