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  1. baby-boi's Avatar
    Im for it.....the Divas title means NOTHING(and never has). WWe needs to do something. My first idea was for them to give the title to Vicki. Having a non-wrestling female heel, who is mostly seen with the men(people most fans want to see) rather than the women, as champion will bring hype to the title(think back to Stephanie's title run)

    However, I think this celeb idea is better. But I don't think Maria is a big enough star to get the title the attention it needs. An A-List reality show star or a C-List actress is what they need
  2. jai's Avatar
    This is crazy...but I actually agree with this blog. It would be putting a meaningless title on a celebrity, but acting as if it were something epic.
  3. TheGamergirl22's Avatar
    If it was last year with Eve holding it, ehh why not might as well Snooki win it since she's bigger and a household name, Beth hell no it means something with her holding it. Well if Beth bring back the classic women's belt like the one Medusa threw away then maybe, show destroy the diva belt.
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    That is stupid. No more celebs winning titles, we don't want the division turning into a joke. Also her fans wouldn't watch long
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No thanks.....especially with Beth as the champion.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Hogan vs Austin n Bret vs Angle would be insane..

    Bret n Angle if had happened and if creative had allowed both of them on their own it wud be my all tym fav match..I can smell it before even it happened...

    Bret was all ready to have his match....but, sorry for my all time favorite wrestler’s untimely stroke...

    Bret is really "The Best There WAS The Best There IS and The Best There Ever Will BE.." n Kurt is the BEST in the World today....A gr8 wrestling match missed by all of us!!!
  7. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    These are matches that were could've, would've should've s for Wrestlemania. They were on the table, but later scrapped.
    Hogan and Hart did have a squash main event on Nitro once but that doesn't count.
    Did you not hear me say what I said about Bret's stroke? No duh he couldn't wrestle.
    Sting was trying to negotiate a deal to work for WWE last year, but it didn't happen. They did come ever so close. Steve has even talked about it numerous times.
    And Rey Mysterio was never mentioned in this entry. If anything, Wrestlemania 22 was remembered for Edge vs. Mick Foley overall and Triple H vs. John Cena as a side-note.
    Come on man.
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