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    Giving props and dues for the ideas and matches...

    1st off a pre-show hardly ever has but one match...
    2nd some good ideas... Particularly the King of the Mountain and Ultimate X...
    3rd off, why Knockout Tag titles why not Tag titles???
    4th point many feuds and stories have yet to be played out, most likely want end at or before Slammiverary!!!
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    My opinion on the bloggers card:

    Crimson is winning the world title too soon after just being a tag team wrestler. Let him build back up as a singles wrestler. I'd save streak vs title for Bound For Glory. Have him win there vs Roode.

    How many times does Storm get a title shot?

    They just did Mickie James vs Kim before they did the Velvet Sky fued.

    Hogan wrestling? No thanks. What is up with Joe being thrown in without Magnus on the team? How many heel turns will we have in the coming months with Jeff Hardy, Mr.Anderson, and so forth.

    TV title with no Devon involved? What happened to Magnus/Joe tag title picture? What happened to Devon's rematch after losing possibly at Sacrifice?

    MCMG just defeated Mexican America on Impact clean during return. Where's Joe/Magnus rematch? Is that on free TV to?

    Bunch of no names facing Aries rather than one of the MCMG who just lost to the tag team champs at Lockdown?
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    ODB vs Gail Kim with ODB winning the Knockouts title. Rematch at next ppv. Face Rosita, Sarita, Rayne til Bound For Glory. Bound For Glory face Mickie James. Never faced before and sort of a dream match kind of.

    Devon vs Bully Ray with Bully Ray winning. He took everything from Devon now all his successes was because of him. Bully Ray faces various wrestlers for the championship such as Mr.Anderson, Pope, Morgan til Bound For Glory to face Magnus.

    Joe/Magnus have a decent title run for a change because their finishing move is great. Face Jeff Hardy/Shannon Moore at Sacrifice and retain. Joe/Magnus vs Daniels/Kaz at Slammiversary and retain the belts. Lose the belts next ppv to Mr.Anderson/Mr.PPV RVD. Rematch and go on to face Robbie E+T, Daniels/Kaz, Hardy/Moore til Bound For Glory and face MCMG.

    X-Division: Sabin wins the title from Aries so he can continue his fued with Bully Ray at Sacrifice. Slammiversary: Sabin vs Shelley for the title. Sabin wins and loses the belt at Destination X in a X-Scape match with Zema Ion winning. Zema Ion fueds with MCMG til Bound For Glory. Triple Threat match Zema Ion vs Daniels vs Kaz for the belt.

    Card probably look like this at Slammiversary:

    DM:Pope vs Haskins-random match.

    1.Jeff Hardy vs Crimson-Crimson wins of course because he is undefeated. Decent main event type of match where neither really fueded before. Beat the crap out of Shannon Moore to have this match at the ppv in the first place.

    2.ODB vs Gail Kim KO title-ODB wins!!

    3.Aries vs Bully Ray TV title match-Bully Ray beats Devon at Sacrifice in a tables match for the TV title. Keeps him off TV for a while which is why he doesn't get a rematch. Aries loses the X-Division title at Sacrifice in a fatal 4 way match thanks to Bully Ray. He decided he wants to get his hands on Bully Ray rather than get his rematch for the X-Division title. Bully Ray retains via DQ, but Aries wins the match. He chooses the type of match they have at Destination X which is Elevation X.

    4.Joe/Magnus vs Daniels/Kaz tag titles-According to Daniels/Kaz they flourish on the big stages and will win the tag titles. Joe/Magnus retain though.

    5.Shelley vs Sabin-For pride and the X-Division title.....Sabin retains!! Both faces leaving as faces. Handshake and so forth after the match.

    6.Mexican America vs Mr.Anderson/Mr.PPV RVD vs Robbie E+T-#1 contenders match and have Anderson/RVD winning!!

    7.Abyss vs Styles vs Angle vs Storm vs Garett Bischoff-KOTM #1 contender's match. Why Garett Bischoff? Well, he was granted it via Hogan/Sting for leading his team to victory at Lockdown. Angle/Bischoff had a match at Sacrifice, but Abyss interfered which is how they got in this match. Styles/Storm won matches to get in the match to. They hang a briefcase rather than a championship. Abyss wins in controversial fashion. Daniels/Kaz cost AJ the match. Abyss decides he wants his title match at Hardcore Justice in a Moster's Ball match. Who faces Roode at Destination X? Kaz, Daniels, and AJ in a Ultimate X match.

    8.Roode vs Jarrett-Jarrett isn't going to let Roode ruin the company he built so he is going to do it on the big stage of Slammiversary to take the title off of him. 10 year anniversary for the world title. Roode wins of course.
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    In response to nrb6304, I have my ways around the 1st two points you bring up. However for my storylines and card to work MCMG have to win the titles at Sacrifice. It's not a perfect situation I know but I don't see any reason why MCMG HAVE to win the titles at Slammiversary. I also can show why Crimson ends up where he does on my card but I'll post a separate blog explaining how I got to everything rather than cluttering up this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AirBourne
    Hey man, don't be so rude, he did a better job then you so why don't you shut your mouth and go away.

    My own personal opinion about the predictions:

    In a perfect world, those matches would be totally awesome and I would actually buy that PPV. Unfortunately, I just don't see those matches, or at least not all of them happening. But, you putting scenarios and how everything led up to those matches sounded awesome. So, maybe some of these matches, like the tag team match if MA gets a push, and the Knockout's Title, can happen definitely! Good start man.
    shut up you fool, go and suck him off, if you like it so much!

    i want to apologise to T-Hughes35, sorry mate, i was bit harsh, it is after all your prediction, im sorry.
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    I like the second card that was posted better. lolol Reading that first card kinda made me go 0_o

    However, what both cards failed to do was keep the world of wrestling in a realistic sense.

    WRESTLING 101:
    When a tag team loses it's Tag Team titles (Joe/Magnus) they automatically get a rematch. Now I'm assuming that Joe/Magnus lose their titles at Sacrifice. Now unless they get their tag rematch on IMPACT, you'd probably see the third match at Slammiversary. Not Mexican America/MCMG

    WRESTLING 101:
    When a tag team breaks up...they feud. PERIOD. Look at every tag team in history that has EVER broken up. They feud. So with both of your cards, you got Magnus in a TV Title match. When realistically, IF he and Joe lost their tag team titles and IF they didn't get their rematch at Slammiversary, you'd more then likely see Joe vs. Magnus.

    WRESTLING 101:
    When you have somebody (in this case a tag team) that you really wanna put over big. You don't let them win at a small event (IMPACT Wrestling) or a medium size event (Sacrifice). You want to put them over on the biggest stage possibly (in this case Slammiversary). SO my question to BOTH cards is: why would you have the Guns win the titles before Slammiversary? Do they NEED to be put over BIG? Yes! After being gone a year, they have to be put WAY over, or be broken up. And considering The Guns are probably the best thing TNA has to offer tag team wise. The Guns need lose at Sacrifice, or win a #1 Contenders Match, and THEN at Slammiversary take the Tag Team Titles off Joe/Magnus. That way they won the gold at the "summerslam" of TNA.
    (Think about it like this: It would be like the same thing they tried to do with James Storm at Lockdown...except you let them win.
    And if THAT doesn't work for you let me try this one
    Would it have been as special if HBK or SCSA won the WWF title at In Your House? I think not. That's why they won it at WM.)

    ALSO, the first card had a more realistic use of Crimson in the sense that, he's in the main event. HOWEVER, he won't be winning the TNA World Title. Not unless they're ready to do something REALLY f***ing stupid. BUT the second card, def had the more realistic competitors in the main event.

    And finally, that 5 on 5 tag team match.....that's just ridiculous....makes no sense....and....well I guess it's very TNA'ish. So I could see it happening.
    However, in reality, that was brutal. WTF does Kid Kash have to do with ANY of those guys? And why is he (a heel) on a team with lil bitchoff (not a typo) and Sting?! And when did Abyss come back? I thought we were still searching for him?!?! And didn't D'Angelo Dinero die? Or like get fired? :/ No he's still in TNA? Well alrighty then. Last year he was in the Main Event of Lockdown, this year, I think he got fired. GOOD JOB TNA!!!!!!
    (that was sarcasm for y'all folks that ain't got no sense of it)
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    Playing booker/creative is always fun. I think your format is good and I agree with much of your reasoning but there is also lots I would change. I've tried to keep my ideas as realistic as possible. I don't think I've suggested anything that is outrageously unlikely to happen although a few things are a bit of a stretch, anyway;

    01: X title; Austin Aries (c) v Kazarian v Zema Ion v Anthony Nese/Kid Kash

    I agree with your reasoning to start with the X title. But they can't do an ultimate X match as Destination X is the next PPV after Slammiversary so it will happen there. Instead I'd have a normal 4 way match between Aries as champ, Kazarian, Zema Ion and either Anthony Nese or Kid Kash - not sure which, maybe a qualifying match between the two on Impact, or maybe include both. Aries keeps the belt going into Destination X where I would finally have his reign end.

    02: KO tag titles; Sarita and Rosita (c) v Angelina Love and Winter
    Don't know what I'd do with the KO tag belts and I'm not sure TNA do either but I'm guessing Sarita and Rosita win the belts at Sacrifice. it will be the females of Mexican America retaining at Slammiversary.

    03: Daniels v Jeff Hardy
    Like your suggested 3rd match it would be a great X division match. A top to mid level face against a top to mid level heel. However I have AJ and Kazarian elsewhere so I go for these two. Could be great. Could lead to a rematch at Destination X.

    04: World Tag titles; Motor City Machine guns (c) v Mexican America
    MCMG win belts at Sacrifice and defend at Slammiversary. MCMG retain but not sure where they go with the belts after this, maybe Daniels and Kazarian as a team. Would give some good X division tag matches.

    05: TV title; Devon (c) v Magnus
    After Magnus and Joe drop the tag belts at Sacrifice, Magnus goes into the TV title picture. He doesn't win the belt here, but challenges Devon to another match on TV where he does win, hence getting the title back on TV and giving Magnus the chance to develop further as champ.

    06: No.1 contenders match; Samoa Joe v Mr Anderson v Rob Van Dam v Morgan
    Wouldn't have another 5v5 tag match so soon after Lockdown, especially not with both teams being fronted by faces. In the weeks up to Slammiversary there should be 4 qualifiers for places in the main event. These are the four losers, they compete for a shot at the title at Destination X. Samoa Joe wins.

    07: Knockout title; Gail Kim (c) v Madison Rayne v Velvet Sky
    Wouldn't have the Knockout belt so late in the show or Mickie James in it but I'll follow your format. I'd go with Kim, Rayne and Sky. Kim goes in champ but Sky pins Rayne to win. Kim gets angry with Rayne and ends their friendship.

    08: KOTM for World title; Roode (c) v Storm v Styles v Angle v Bully Ray
    I'm all for the KOTM match for the world title coming back. Not with Crimson or Morgan though. Put Styles and Angle in there instead. Have Roode going in champ but not coming out champ. Doesn't really matter who they give the title to, they are all worthy and they have options with each. However I give the belt to Styles which sets up Styles v Joe as the main event at the X division featured Destination X.

    This leaves Eric Young, Robbie E, Sting, Crimson, Gunner and lil Bischoff as the guys currently being featured who aren't on my card. I know the powers with control won't let at least a couple of those guys not be on the card. To counter that problem I add a ninth match,

    09: Sting and lil' Bischoff (w/Hogan) v Gunner (w/Flair) and Crimson
    Not sure what storyline I'd go with to get gunner and crimson together but this can make the powers happy and fit into the middle of the card. The tag element means lil' Bischoff can stay out of the ring most of the time and when he is in he will be taken apart by Crimson keeping up Crimsons image. If it's kept short this match can easily be ignored and therefore not ruin the card.

    The two guys who are left, Robbie E and Eric Young, can be the warm up dark match. After all Eric Young can actually be very effective in this roll and get the crowd warmed up before the X title match kicks off the PPV proper. Could also add Mickie James v ODB if they wanted a 2nd dark match.

    I know some will like my card, others won't. No such thing as a perfect card but I think what I've done covers most bases and would be a good show. Credit to T-Hughes35 for starting this blog though as I did base my card heavily off of his.
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