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  1. el gabo's Avatar
    Please people, stop booking imaginary PPV's.
  2. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    We all know already that Barret is coming back for MITB and winning the Smackdown ladder match, it's been on here for months now.
  3. goofy2485's Avatar
    Maybe the dumbest booking guess I've ever seen. No way is Cena participating in a mitg match, no way theyre booking it a 10 man match, no way is hunico/gabriel/ryback anywhere near the match, no way are they dumb enough to make wwe title a ladder match at MITB.
  4. Herman Toliver's Avatar
    I agree. Totally unbelievable and they are only allotted 3 hours.
  5. Trip_Fisk's Avatar
    This card is totally unbelievable.... TWO Divas matches???!
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    @TheGreatOne I am relieved that it's not Christian. Is he a future Hall Of Famer? Yes, no matter what organization it's for.

    @Mojo Tartarus Clearly not the best choice for your first inductee! Don't get me wrong, I like Sting, but he's still active. Give him a few years after he retires and then he should've been inducted. Call me crazy, but it's not the right choice at all.
  7. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    So what do you think, now we know it's Sting?
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