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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    DK wins this one if you ask me. Solid 5!!
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    t-hughes... because your pick for number one was "one of a kind"
  3. TEZ's Avatar
    Well Goofy, its happening. Cena is in a MitB ladder match. I give T- Hughes credit just for being correct on that prediction.
  4. dan_rick's Avatar
    Overbooked to hell and back. Your trying to accomodate the entire lockroom for a pay per view which doesn't even last three hours. As for the WWE title ladder match, why would they headline a pay per view with a ladder match when it is gonna be preceded by two ladder matches which would be fifty times more exciting.
  5. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Only Punk vs Bryan could happen. for the rest, this is totaly impossible.
  6. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Wait a minute, where's the Ryback squash here?????
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    This blog starts off with T-Hughes35 stating the following; I'm back today with my ideal layout of what I feel has become Number 5 on the list of "WWE's Big 4 Pay-Per-Views Of The Year." That being said, FACT.

    The money in the bank has become one of the top 5 PPVs of the year.

    After reading the comments before hand, I stopped and asked myself; Is this booking truly as ridiculous as others have stated?!? Answer being; HELL NO!!!

    "Imaginary booking??, Barrett being penciled in to win the Smackdown MITB??, Cena, not taking part in a MITB??, (though I agree the likes of it happening are slim to none). Hunico, Gabriel, or Ryback not being anywhere near the match?!?!? (Where the f*ck else would you book them on the card?? Would you rather see Ryback in another squash match, maybe co-headlining the card again??!?). Two divas matches on one card?!? (Let it be known that the Kharma match would clearly be a squash match... You people have been complaining about credibility, and value to the women's division)

    Yes, I'll agree that their are a few flaws with your booking of the MITB. Yet in the same run, you did a decent job, especially with the Punk/Bryan ladder match, leading to the rumored Iron Man at S.S.

    Is this PPV ridiculous, or "imaginary"? Hell NO!... It's simply how YOU would book it. Despite criticism, it's a half decent card, and if the E', would book such a card, maybe their PPV ratings wouldn't be as mediocre as they are.

    Either way, on my behalf, decent blog/PPV bro.
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