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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    You're absolutely right! Hulk Hogan's real name is Terry Bollea, Sting's is Steve Borden, Paul Leveque is Triple H, Phil Brooks is CM Punk. Whether we learn their real identities or not, they will always be known as their wrestling alter egos in our eyes when they are on TV.
  2. shawnmoney1694's Avatar
    I thought the storyline was supposed to last longer but since she no longer works for TNA, I guess it will end without her which totally blows the end for me. Like who cares that her identity is out, we still will know and refer to her as claire Lynch. That's like AJ Styles quitting wrestling cuz ppl found out his name is Allen Jones gimme a break He is and always will be known as "The Phenomenal" A.J Styles!
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    TNA doing old gimmick matches would be a plus. Good theory. I thought it would be Daniels or Kazs at the end of the storyline too. I hate the storyline to be honest. I want something new for AJ to do besides having his friends from 6 years ago continue to ride his coattails.
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    @MichaelCobb: Agreed!
  5. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Even with all the bad acting I was still interested in this storyline. However, the stipulation made on Impact is ridiculous. AJ will only do a perternaty test if he loses. Why not take one either way? The fact that he would accept the role if he lost , no questions asked, is ridiculous.
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Elevation X is a match that AJ Styles invented in 2007. The first being at "Destination X '07". AJ Styles vs. Rhino. It's a match where there's a giant X, 20 feet above the ring, and both competitors compete on the X. The first competitor to fall loses the match. No pinfalls or submissions. It is one of the most dangerous match concepts in wrestling history.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good blog. I like your thinking. What is Elevation X? Enlighten me please.
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