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  1. In-Depth Look: The State of CM Punk

    It's time we took a look at the current state of CM Punk.


    It doesn't seem too long ago that Punk blew the roof off of the wrestling world and became "white hot" overnight with his shoot promos from the top of the ramp on RAW. To any wrestling fan who knows, it was almost shocking to see Punk name-drop the likes of Colt Cabana, Brock ...
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  2. This Week's Wrestling Top 5

    1. All the build-up for Jericho's return, and for what? "wanna-be's"? "Jericho wanna-bes?" That's a pretty weak premise as far his reasons for coming back. It has no substance or depth. Also, none of Jericho's comparisons to other wrestlers made much sense. His promo this week really hurt his intrigue. While CM Punk was only mocking Jericho's "no-talk" segments, ...

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