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  1. Heavy's Avatar
    You yourself need to get it out of your head that the rock and Steve Austin are great, punk would either have to let Austin win or work with him greatly, and there are no signs of punk fading at all, if anything he's going forward
  2. eyehatecena's Avatar
    I don't see where Punk is fading away- he, along with Bryan Danielson are about the only good things going in WWE. But to get to that matchup- yes- I'd love to see it too, if HBK were not retired of course. Its would have a better buildup as the actually have history with each other. The Rock/Cena buildup was so so, the match really not that bad. The Cena/Brock buildup was pretty good- the outcome of it? rushed
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    There is one solution to how this can play out as everyone brings up the retirement match. If Rock were to continually call out Shawn but HBK reminds us he promised to retire after his loss and doesn't want to be another Foley or Flair. Rock would have to go a little heel and try to provoke HBK until they have a face to face in the ring. Shawn still refuses, so then we here the "Gong' and down comes 'taker who glares at Micheals, grabs the mic, and turns to Rock and say's 'He accepts!'. Kinda reusing the rematch story for HHH vs 'taker, but think it would work well in this situation. But would it ever happen...
  4. Dennis's Avatar
    IMO shawn shouldn't wrestle again.. he is arguable the greatest wrestler to ever tie up a pair of boots and IMO put on two of the greatest matches in history to go out on top of the wrestling world and has nothing left to prove thus no reason to come back to face the rock.. while this would of been fun to watch during the prime of these guys' career I don't want to see shawn become flair or hogan... side note I don't get all the sudden hate for punk.. he is putting on great matches and good tv... that's all you can ask from a champion
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    When I first read your blog, I was intrigued but didn't comment. But after seeing others comments and rereading it, I want to share my thought.

    First, punk isn't fading from the limelight imo. He is a great champ, the problem is wwe is shifting the focus of the wwe from the wwe championship, to john cena as the new center piece. Not punks fault.

    Next, both the rock and hbk are above the championship, as is john cena. That's why cena vs rock wasn't for the title. While hbk vs the rock would be a dream match id love to see, it would be stupid to have it for any championship, if it occured, it would be a pure grudge match.

    Next, if it were to occur, I doubt it would be at next years mania considering you have the rock, lesnar, taker, and john. They don't need another legend to make a huge show. If anything, id see this match taking place at wm 30

    Finally, there is a 99.9% chance it wont happen. Imo, shawn would have to want to do it, taker would have to be ok with it, and the rock would want to do it. I see 2 of those 3 things happening. I think shawns beyond the point of wrestling and damaging his body. The dude was active for a great number of years. Wanting shawn to come back and wrestle, while It would be something id love, just isn't likely,
  6. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    People are not acknowledging the fact that Undertaker Vs Me Can Dar Big Money...
    ...ok seriously lol..Hbk vs Rock wud be awesome .

    I've always said that, why has hbk vs rock never happened.I searched and ran into a Rock vs Bret Hart match .

    I very much doubt it would happen, as hbk has tons of respect for taker and wouldn't want to b a Ric flair.
  7. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    First, I agree with DK in this should be in the Forum for an open debate.

    I see where you are coming from with the "Dream Match" aspect of it, but this match shouldn't happen for so many reasons (HBK retirement, Focusing a WM PPV around a previous era's desired match, etc) and the fact that you want the Rock who is out of the business and into the entertainment industry to become champion so he can drop the belt to a retired wrestler at WrestleMania... Wow. I understand the Attitude Era was great, but at this point wrestling needs to EVOLVE rather than regress. If we keep bringing up the Attitude Era and trying to recreate the Attitude Era, the industry will continue the decline it is currently in... Remember, WCW did this with the nWo, New Blood, etc. By recycling ideas from the past and pushing it to the current fan base will cause the Industry to continue the product and stories to spiral downward. My Opinion

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