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  1. Creative Shouldn't Take Full Blame

    A lot of fans says it's because of the creative department...that the creative department needs new writers. That they need to stop kissing Vince McMahon's a**. I agree, but writers are only part of a good storyline. The other part is the wrestlers.

    The McMahon-Helmsley storyline was actually Chyna's idea, who told it to Triple H, who told it to Vince and he loved it. Mickie James gave ...
  2. Slammys 2011 Review

    The Slammys were somewhat decent last night. Okay, I'm lying, I thought the Slammys were actually pretty good. The only time I changed the channel (besides for commercial) was when K2 won Diva of the Year. So, I'm going to give my opinion on the awards and the winners, at least some.

    1). 'Tell Me I Did Not Just See That' Moment of the Year: 'JR' Jim Ross-Okay, I didn't see that part ...

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  3. Why Kelly Kelly Gets a Push Push

    People think it's an insult to compare someone like Kelly Kelly to Trish Stratus. I'm one of those people, but it also seems a little inaccurate. In fact, I think it's fairer to compare Kelly Kelly to Sable.
    Though Sunny is said to be the original diva, Sable was the one who coined the term. To me, Sable was never really that good a wrestler, but she won championships and was very popular. ...

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