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  1. Great One's Avatar
    how come you have four wwe and only one tna?
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Terrible list.
    My top 5 would be (in no particular order):
    A: Mr. McMahon getting fired and Triple H is his replacement.
    B: Kevin Nash's return at SummerSlam
    C: John Cena vs. CM Punk at Money In The Bank 2011
    D: The Rock's Return on Valentines Day.
    E: CM Punk's Promo on 06-27-11
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog..I do not like this laurinatis guy..but I agree with rest of ur blog..I love Ziggler/Bryan..n I feel Dibiasse can be a gud baby face...I love him more for the fact that he's feuding with my fellow country man..; n I'm all for JoMo vs wud be a gr8 match at any given day...
  4. Godsmack78's Avatar
    i just dont see it with ziggles either, he just doesnt have it imo...seems like wwe has a hard on for him and ryder and they just dont deserve it yet.. all the greats had to pay their due and so should they...
  5. BabbleM's Avatar
    props for throwing booker t in there. love his color commentary work. gotta disagree with the john laryngitis thing tho, the guys totally sucks but wwe will do as it pleases to further a storyline and he is gonna get shoved down our throat regardless. also disagree with the person who commented about not getting the whole dolph ziggler buzz. the guy has made a believer or me and this is coming from a person who didn't care about him one way or the other. I CAN DIG IT! great blog
  6. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good first blog. I don't see anything big with John Laurinaitis, hes just annoying, in the wrong way. He needs to learn how to speak better on the mic. But his little feud with Punk is a bit entertaining, thanks to Punk.

    I personally am loving what Ziggler and Bryan are doing right now. Ziggler consistently puts on the best matches in the WWE, and will be a future world champion. Bryan is improving on the mic, getting the crowd on his side, and his underdog gimmick is awesome.
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