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  1. The Rock winning at WrestleMania may be good for business

    WrestleMania 28 – Rock going over Cena may be better for business

    I’ve read many articles (many of them were well written and very good) on the WM28 main event. Many make the point that Cena should go over The Rock for multiple reasons.

    Mr. Signorelli a month or so ago wrote an article with Bleacher Report makes the point that Cena is the future of the company, ...
  2. Bring back the Jobber system

    This is a blog I wanted to write a long time ago. Why can't the WWE make new superstars and why the current product sucks. I as well as most here have many theories. One thing I thought about is that WWE needs jobbers like they had during the 1980's to early 1990's.

    First off, what do I mean about the term jobber. To make it clear I am not talking about superstars who don't win ...

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  3. Correction: John Cena is better than Hulk Hogan

    I read a blog here about a week ago saying that Cena is not Hulk Hogan. I agree with that part since I believe that Cena is much better than Hogan. First off I am not a child, I am not a huge Cena fan either. Rather I respect John Cena and believe he is much better that Hogan.

    First off the writer says John Cena is destroying wrestling. No if anything Vince McMahon and the writers ...

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