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  1. BabbleM's Avatar
    @ rick starr. enjoy your blogs but couldn't disagree more about Booker. he is absolute gold on commentary especially juxtaposed with the current state of commentary, ie cole, modern-day lawler and an MIA jr. i love booker's commentary lol. ah well.
  2. jethro's Avatar
    My favorite commentators: Jim Ross,King(heel days of course),Joey Styles,Heyman,Heenan,Jesse Ventura,Gorilla and West(yes him).They maybe not knowing all the wrestling moves name/wrestling 101 genius but they know how to sell and get the viewers excited.
  3. evilgenius780's Avatar
    I agree with the point that its not the fault of the current guys at the desk, they get told what to say, and when to say it, but the commentator should be there to put over the talent and not themselves, which Cole spends way too much time doing. JR could convince you that anyone was great, and yes, Vince Mcmahon was great when teamed up with Jesse Ventura.

    More focus on the match, a flashback..I remember when WCW would have a great midcard match going on, and spend the entire time talking about the nWo, and what they would be doing later. Not enough focus on the match.

    The bickering and self promotion with the commentary needs to stop, the Cole character has run his course, there can be a heel commentator, but they should at least attempt to call the matches.
  4. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I like Booker T if for no other reason that he says absurd things that literally render Cole speechless. When Cole is with King, King tries to argue logically, unfortunately Cole seems much smarter than King and it ends up with Lawler just telling Cole to shutup. At least with Booker Cole sometimes just doesn't know how to respond and it buys us a few moments of peace.
  5. Zekic's Avatar
    totaly agree with you... i think cole or king need to go,i mean recently king couldnt comment and it was just Booker and Cole.. And i loved it,i actually was focused on matched instead of unwillingly listening to cole-king ranting
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    One commentator to rule them all: William Regal. I honestly feel drowsy when I listen to him doing it. It's as though he's doing voice over for a documentary.

    Booker T doing commentary is like listening to a hiphop track without sampling. Uhhh Uhhh OMG! OMG! Uhhh Uhhh... -- If I didn't know better I'd swear he was.... Naaahhhh...

    Cole should really be reworked into a different role. He sucks massive ass as a commentator and I think once they get through Johnny Ace's interim GMship, Cole should become the on screen Raw GM. He's a terrific non-wrestling heel, everybody hates him, and his enjoyment of screwing people over and needing to be right would make the move fantastic.

    Lawler is there because he wants to go out in the top company. For him, it's about ego, not money. He made his money during his actual career in wrestling, the paychecks now are just a perk. Though he's definitely one of the best there have been up alongside JR.
  7. Rick Starr's Avatar
    The WWE Commentators have totally gone to shit. They spend more time bickering at one another, and cant even call a wrestling match properly. I know this is Vince's call but they hardly even call out the proper moves anymore. I loved Booker as a wrestler, but as a commentator he's just painful to listen to. The Commentators are there to tell a story, not there to be the center of attention.
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