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    what? huh? mm?
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    wassup EWN!!!!!

    .... I hope you're not white lol
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    ^^^ To sum up your reply: What was the point of this blog? 80% of it was a recap of the different eras of the WWF/WWE, while not exactly putting forth any opinions or insights except that John Cena is not as good as The Rock.

    Not saying you can't write a blog, but it wasn't very good. You will get better I'm sure, so keep working on them. However, next time try to focus on what your actual opinion of a certain topic is, rather than a basic recap of stuff.
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    What's wrong with Cm Punk giving his opinion about The Rock?
    Why does Sheamus suck?
    Why is this post not argumentative?
    How do we know that your source is reliable?
    Why am I so stupid to reply?
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