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  1. King MC's Avatar
    First off, this was a very interesting blog to read. Thank you for that. I liked the points you made with the wrestlers that you chose. However, I disagree with you about CM Punk. Only on the part where you mentioned that he doesn't win fairly. I'm not sure where this is coming from. The only match I have seen him win in a less than stellar fashion was in his match against Sheamus where he used an exposed turn buckle. Other than that all of his matches that he's won have been on the up and up. Also, the match against VKM was one of the only times that we've seen him act in a cowardly way. So I think he could beat the Undertaker, besides Taker would probably make the match with some sort of no DQ stipulation like he usually does.
  2. BigMich1's Avatar
    My dream scenario:

    1.Rock wins title from Punk/Cena at RR.
    2. Taker enters RR as a surprise and wins.
    3. Taker vs. Rock at 'Mania!
  3. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Well years ago when WWE had high ratings and good storylines I wouldn't have minded so much if the streak ended. However now with WWE ratings becoming lower and lower as time goes on, not to mention WWE does not have a huge roster anymore. I think Vince needs to think about this. Now it's true that Vince has stated that nothing is bigger then the business. But Undertaker is a huge part of the business, and if Vince makes the choice to end the streak this could cause even bigger problems for Vince.

    Sure not everyone would stop watching WWE. But there will be a huge drop in ratings from upset fans who have followed Undertaker since he stepped foot in the WWE. I also think it would really make fans and superstars start to think even more about how much does Vince really care about anyone else other then himself. Mid-card talent and now top superstars are already unhappy with Vince and WWE. I think this would make it even worse. Showing no matter what you do for the business you mean nothing.
  4. grave's Avatar
    none of these men should end the streak

    cena lost to lesnar, punk, ect ect ect, they just keep giving him rematches to stay relevant, if he is the one booked against taker, he should lose

    ryback is to new for this, i mean, we got HHH, shawn, kane, edge, all have fallen to the deadman, and now we get a rookie who havent been in one main event on a ppv or held one title ... its not right

    punk may be interesting, he could talk a good build up, and give a more than good match, but the way punk is booked the last month i dont see him winning to cena not to mention taker

    taker vs lesnar is even a match i dont want to see, lesnar vs cena was a crap match, lesnar vs HHH was a bit better, but lesnar inst a draw for me

    angle may be takers choice, but he is in tna now, and i heard he want a part time contract there, 2 part time superstars in the main event on mania?? hm that build up would suck

    i think if there is one man who can beat him, it is sheamus, after 25 matches against del rio he needs a big win, (wich he wil get if he beats big show) but i think it would be better if taker just wins this years match. if he loses i like it to be against his son or so when he starts wrestling,
  5. ublackeagle's Avatar
    I do agree with some of your choices, but I bet none of them will pull out the victory over the taker. HHH has said in many many interviews, that taker should retire with a perfect streak intact. From the politics of wrestling most of us know, I highly doubt he will allow taker to lose that streak to someone, especially when he and his best buddy both had chances to end it. I could see one of the guys almost taking out the taker and then have Shawn or HHH interfere to stop him from losing. Setting up a small HHH feud with the person he screwed after WM.

    The Streak I think is too precious, and I don't think WWE will throw it away like WCW did with Goldbergs.
  6. VinnyD's Avatar
    you said to correct you if you were wrong ... Brock and Undertaker have had a few matches ... i remember Brock cleanly defeating a badly bleeding Undertaker in a Hell in the cell match .... a great match. My vote has got to go to Brock for ending the streak coz he can get the job done
  7. lostgerg's Avatar
    Good blog....personally I want the streak to never be broken and go down in history!!!
    Also Lesnar faced Taker couple of times including No Mercy 02 hell in a cell!!!
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