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  1. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    i love your blogs. this one was especially good, i was basically the same way with watching wwf/wwe. keep the good blogs up
  2. stone cold bruiser brody's Avatar
    That is all.
  3. Donsburt's Avatar
    Lesnar vs Taker happened. Remember when Taker gave him a billion chair shots for threatening his wife, Sara?
  4. goriila's Avatar
    My dream scenario:

    1. Rock wins wwe title
    2. Jericho wins rr match
    3. Rock chalanges taker (streak vs title)
    4. Jericho chalanges rock wm
    5. Cm punk wants his rematch
    6. Somehow Cena get involved in title match like he always does.
    7. Taker accepts every chalange
    8. Brock destroys taker on raw

    WM29 main event Taker vs Rock vs Jericho vs Cm punk vs Cena vs Lesnar (6pack elimination streak+title match)
    9. Special guest ref Stone cold
    10. After taker survive and wins Scsa beats the crap out of taker

  5. Cross's Avatar
    Good theme for a blog, I have done something like this myself, but still good job and I completely agree with you on how cyber bullying people on this website can be.

    Anyways, I only agree witht he choice of CM Punk aslong as he got alot of clean victories like you said because he would be at the absolute top. Cena would be more hated. For Ryback is too early. I am not high on Brock Lesnar cause he just seems not to fit with the WWE. I am not going to argue about Kurt Angle though, Good opinions and good thoughts.
    No disrespect intended in what I typed.
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    actually Undertaker and Lesnar had a classic Hell in the Cell match.

    Point is the Streak has become the most important accomplishment in prowrestling. Winning the World title at wrestlemania, Grand Slam Winner, None of it is as important as ending the streak. If it was 7 years ago i can see a up and comer ending it but it has got too big and the streak is to over and fans just wont accept it or be happy with it including me.
  7. Robstar's Avatar
    Glad you came back. Let me know if you run into any problems in the future
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