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  1. masterzeke's Avatar
    its really not a good would be great except 4 the randy orton and sheamus match because that would be boring.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Slivon, that's exactly why Cena cannot and will not turn heel. It'd cause Stone Cold syndrome, and not the good kind where it changes the industry. All they can do now is completely revamp his character. In my opinion Cena is looked upon with the old theory of letting them be who they really are. The problem is that Cena is just plain boring. He needs the good/bad situation that Orton has in being injured so that he can come back a completely different character.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Not a good list dude. An interesting read. But I won't buy it. This is Wrestlemania we're talking about here! Last years was pure utter garbage! That is what this card is with the exception of Rock-Cena. I'll post a real card and you'll see my point. Keep in mind that I'm saying this with all due respect.
  4. masterzeke's Avatar
    it would all be nice 20 years from now..............
  5. Slivon's Avatar
    Once you really stop and think about it would Cena really be a heel. Because most of the world hates face Cena, so if or when Cena turns heel would we boo or cheer since we would have wanted it.
  6. jonod's Avatar
    I think D bryan's theme is one of the better one's (ALOT better than Barrets wishy washy song), it has the shrill first note and then hits with the electric version of flight of the valkyries for gods sake! its bloody epic, the way to get the crowd behind him (or against him as the case may be) is persistence. WWE keep pushing him and dropping him again, hopefully this current heel turn will garner some real heat. I think persistance will pay off as it seems to have done with Sheamus etc.

    Definitely agree with you about letting the new talent shine through above oldies
  7. Zekic's Avatar
    agree with everything but entrance themes,there are few guys who needs to change them(like daniel bryian you mentioned) most others superstars who are active on raw/smackdown have very fiting themes.
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