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  1. Lupy1234's Avatar
    Why is everyone on the Punk Bandwagon? He shit on every fans face by coming back 2 weeks after that f'n awesome promo on RAW (you know...when they cut the mic) and the MITB PPV (him vs Cena and he won and walked out of the arena with the belt) and acted like nothing happened. Nothing changed (kind of like the current adminstration we have in the Government). He might of been the best in the world as an indie wrestler, but his legacy has been tarnished. He did nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to change wrestling. We still get the same PG crap. It would of epic and I mean totally epic if he stayed off of TV, posted pics of him and the belt in various of places, showed up in TNA months later with the belt, screwed with WWE/TNA, did a stint in ROH, did some indie shows, showed up at the House of Hardcore show, and when things went to crap in the WWE...then showed up with the belt to claim that he still is the best in the world. But, now we get Ryback vs. Punk. Or, VKM vs. Punk...that has never been done in the history of wrestling. Never. Please everyone get off the Punk bandwagon and see what he has truly done for WWE wrestling and your eyes will be open to show you that it has been nothing.
  2. smellmycooking's Avatar
    I think the e missed an opportunity here. I might be wrong but Didn't lesnar sign before wrestle mania? Instead of having hhh, taker and hbk hug it out at the end of the match the undertakers gong should have hit, lights out, and 20-1 appears on the tron before Lesnars music hits and he destroys all 3 in the ring, with taker eating an f5. That way we have a taker lesnar match set up 4 the next mania and potential feuds with hhh and hbk to fill the gap. For the record I am not a lesnar fan
  3. MattElder's Avatar
    Great Blog and well written.

    Id like to disagree with the Punk section as I think he is proven himself to be "The Best in the world".

    Now here's the big 1 for me...... I think Cena should be the 1 to end the streak....Alot of people wont agree on this but here are my reasons.

    Once in every generation there is a moment which shakes the wrestling world to its core. Im talking about the famous SCSA promo and King of the Ring, Im talking about Hogans heel turn and the NWO, Foley of the cell....

    Cena with a dirty win over taker!!!
    Yes thats right the streak ending and a Cena heel turn all in 1 night..Lets face it Cena as done all that can be done in the business with the exception of the streak. He's knocking on and a new guy needs to be the face guy of the company giving a Cena heel turn more than possible.

    Whilst Cena doesn't need to be "Put over" by taker its about more than that, Its about a creating a moment which could possible change the whole direction of the "E".
  4. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback. I agree this is a very short blog but these are my defining moments that either got me back into or sent me away from wrestling. There are other 'defining' moments in wrestling history but none that changed my perception/enjoyment of wrestling like the above 3 moments did.
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    Of course you can do whatever you want but I just find center formatting a bit annoying.

    Good blog though, slightly short for the topic you chose to discuss.
  6. sonicwolfen's Avatar
    The center formatting looks perfectly fine.

    And good blog, just would have liked to see a few more moments.
  7. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    Get rid of the center formatting, it looks like shit.
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