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  1. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Let's hope the build up isn't a let down ...wyatt family v sheild with the wyatt family as tweener instead of straight out heels or faces .. Matches would bring a lot of prestige back to the tag titles
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think they should interrupt the Shield, make a real moment out of it.. No feud right away though, just the future implication. They can come out and taunt them after a match then circle back to the feud around SS or right after.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    This was the arguably my fave blog in a couple weeks.
  4. The_Artist!'s Avatar
    Love the Coffee Talk man, Keep them coming, One of a few I take the time to read on here. Interested to hear how you would play out a CM Punk loner angle!
  5. akbar's Avatar
    - Yeah it's a shame so many blogs were uploaded at once and this was pushed to the second page before anyone could really read it.

    - This was a great PPV, all matches were solid but the ending as always was treated by creative as another Impact show.

    -You're a committed writer DK, and I respect that.
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Ironically this site seems to have drifted away from the thought of posting "actual" blogs. Before I begin my slight rant about The Slammiversary Fallout, I just want to say that it's disgusting popping on here, reading your blogs, and seeing NO ONE comment on them. Meanwhile, we have irrelevant, poorly written thrown together trash almost being praised as actual blogs. Things have indeed changed over the course of a year.


    Hands down PPV of the year thus far. That's saying alot, especially when Mania was only two months back. It's amazing how The Last Knockout Standing match, topped off the card. I sat there in awe, watching an awesome story being told throughout the match. Totally awesome finish, and the crowd was amazing through it all.

    Gunner and Storm capitalizing was totally awesome. In-ring chemistry throughout the entire match made it totally worth watching. I slightly marked out when they took home the gold.

    AJ and Angle evidently didn't disappoint. Mind you I was expecting of few more high spots. I like the toned down Styles. Whenever it's needed to turn up the heat, he has no problems doing so. I kind of expected Angle taking this one, what with the whole induction in the works. I just felt it kind of took away from the push AJ was getting.

    World Title was absolutely awesome all the way up until the end. The fact that it ended with Bully piledriving Sting on the exposed ring was sweet. A&8's interfering was expected. The hammer coming into play yet again? TOTAL PISS OFF. I mean theirs God knows how many different tools they could have used. Lead pipes, tasers, sledge hammers, chairs.... Hell the list goes on. The hammer has been played out way too much. F*ck, taking a classic "Sting Bat" to his knees would've been sheer gold.

    Either way, still a phenomenal PPV.


    I'm going to barely touch base on this. I'm not a Rampage fan (despite following his UFC career). The crowd fed off of him, and he sure as hell did too. TNA can work an awesome angle with this. Tossing him in a few tag matches with Angle, than following it up with a MMA styled match between the two would be pretty damn epic. Sidenote; Jackson needs some lessons on the mic. It was his only down fall. Hell, I've seen the dude cut MMA promos, he's absolutely phenomenal. He may have been slightly nervous, who am I to say.

    Either way, awesome blog. Nice little touch seeing how sports/wrestling ratings can clash. It would sure as hell be a blog topic to elaborate on sometime, say; "Coffee Talk"?
  7. filthyanimalz's Avatar
    Good blog man, I see a lot of things similar to you except the ME. I think we will see 15 mins of chairs and tables Sting gaining momentum, A's & 8's rush the ring, TNA faces come out to brawl, Matt Morgan comes out and hits Sting with a big carbon footprint Bully gets the win and Morgan gets Dlo's cut.
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